Audition and Workshop for Children, Teens and Adults

ROLE: Wise Man

ROLE BREAKDOWN: Male, age 25-70. Wise, smart and funny. Must be able to sing.

A Christmas Tale is a family-friendly, fun musical comedy. Three wise men, led by a dream, go through the desert towards adventure. Their journey is full of dangers, surprises, and amazing encounters.

The production is December 14, 2024 at Cutting Hall in Palatine, IL.

The rehearsal location is at Barrington Ice House Mall and at Wheeling KRUG Community Circle.

There are 10 rehearsals, mostly on Sundays, September through December.

Audition Location: Elena Goptseva Piano Studio, Barrington Ice House, 200 Applebee St., Suite 130, Barrington, IL 60010

The estimated length of the Show is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Casting Director: Dmitriy Yakubov


Payment/compensation: $150 – $300 per Show. Contract provided.

To apply for an audition, please submit a headshot, brief summary of experience and contact information, to

Youth actors need to be registered by a parent or guardian.

To apply for an audition, please submit a headshot, brief summary of experience and contact information, to

Splinter’s Theater Workshop for Children

Childhood is the best time for theater…a time when every child is an actor. Children love to play and invent. Participation in a play or musical gives them endless opportunities to use their natural creativity to realize this skill.

Like any endeavor to develop a skill, acting takes time and patience. Parents need to remember this and give their child patience and encouragement. In addition, the child must have an acting personality, and be able to navigate well and memorize lines. The child will need to take acting classes and work closely with a personal acting coach at all times. When both children and parents understand this, a whole world of opportunities will open up for children in the acting industry.

The acting scene loves children with a sociable nature and a beautiful or interesting appearance. However, it’s not just about being charming. Often, it is the unique qualities of your child that open the way for stage success. Each child is unique, and for each there is an interesting role that will help to reveal his or her talents and potential.

Acting is not only the ability to speak in an engaging and convincing manner, but also a way to develop a child’s personality, as they evolve from a child to a teenager.

In our classes, we lay the foundations for successful communication, helping build your child’s ability to manage their behavior in different life situations and circumstances.

In addition to the art of communication, the child will learn how to speak and play in front of an audience with ease, fluency, and persuasiveness. The child will acquire the skills of free and easy communication with peers and the audience; these skills may be useful in their future when choosing a life path and pursuing a profession.

An integral part of effective communication is the art of managing your emotions and your voice, the ability to distinguish and understand intonations, and to understand and use sign language in communication. Games and theatrical learning processes make our classes interesting and memorable. We learn poetry, act out skits, and play games. And, of course, we read and act out fairy tales!

Development in the theatrical arts serves the well-rounded development of human beings; helping form useful skills and habits while developing and strengthening features of character necessary for a successful social life.

We offer these skills to your child at Theater Workshop for Children.

Our program will help your child:

  • Master Acting Technique, by learning ‘nuts and bolts’ foundations of Drama and Musical Arts
  • Study the work of great authors and the national art of different countries
  • Develop fantasy and imagination, memory and attention, creative intuition, communication and erudition
  • Learn to improvise, to think in a non-standard way, to capture the audience’s attention, and to feel comfortable on a public stage
  • Find new friends and develop self-confidence

Be more confident and sociable, helping him or her to become a truly versatile and creative person!

We start with a family-friendly, fun musical comedy “A Christmas Tale”.

Contact 847-691-5599 to register or email to